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The thousand square meters of the "Officine Benelli" in Viale Mameli 22 are the latest example of industrial archeology in Pesaro, the historical seat of the metal-mechanical company that contributed to writing the history of the city. In the premises of the old Benelli factory, 150 Benelli and MotoBi motorcycles are now on permanent display.

Officine Benelli is the name assigned to the old building complex of the Benelli factory and to the Cultural Project closely connected to it, starting from the only historical building that remains usable in the old Benelli Motorcycle Factory in Viale Mameli in Pesaro.
The premises of the old Benelli factory, completely restored, are occupied by the Benelli Historical Register and the Moto Club Pesaro “T. Benelli "to which the municipality of Pesaro, owner of the restaurant, with the municipal council resolution n.122 of 8.06.2010 decided to grant a free loan to use it exclusively for the exhibition museum of Benelli, MotoBi and Marches motorcycles and to realization of the cultural project "Officine Benelli" connected to it.
The thousand square meters of the "Officine Benelli" in Viale Mameli are the latest example of industrial archeology, the historical seat of the metal mechanical company that contributed to writing the history of the city. In the premises of the old Benelli factory, 150 Benelli and MotoBi motorcycles are on permanent display today.
The itinerary starts from the Tonino Benelli room where photographs of Pesaro centaurs, trophies from every era and Benelli, MotoBi engines are exhibited. and Molaroni. It continues in the large room dedicated to Giuseppe Benelli where in addition to the first motorcycle that passed through Pesaro in 1897, a De Dion Bouton tricycle, two very rare Molaroni motorcycles from the twenties and even thirty Benelli built before the Second World War and absolutely protagonists for technical and aesthetic refinement. in the thirties.

In the second salon all types of the Leoncino model, a motorcycle that marked the rebirth of the Benelli brand after the ruins of the Second World War. In the same salon, the six and four cylinder multi-cylinders built in the seventies, when the Pesaro brand was acquired by the Argentine industrialist Alejandro De Tomaso, are highlighted. Then the exhibition continues on the mezzanine floor, a fascinating structure of about 300 square meters completely made of wood where all the models produced by Motobì "the aristocratic among motorcycles" from 1950 to 1970 and the whole fantastic series of Benelli and Motobi mopeds are on display. undisputed protagonists of the Italian market in the sixties. A space on the mezzanine floor is dedicated to an unlikely departure for racing bikes built in Pesaro between the sixties and eighties MBA, Morbidelli, Piovaticci and Sanvenero. All motorcycles protagonists in various competitions worldwide.
The extraordinary story of the six Benelli brothers is told by the members of the two associations that manage the museum and involve visitors in a unique setting thanks to the fact that the motorcycles on display are the premises where they were designed and built. Then the amazing events of the riders from Tonino Benelli to Valentino Rossi first and last of a generation of centaurs who have thrilled thousands of fans contributes to enriching a pleasant visit to the motorcycle world of an area indisputably rich in history.

The Morbidelli Collection will be temporarily placed in one of the most representative and fascinating rooms of the Officine Benelli Museum, located on the second floor of the building, pending the completion of the project of a new museum that the Municipality of Pesaro will build in the city center in the historic building of the former Court.
The motorbikes of the ASI Morbidelli Collection represent 30 different brands from all over the world, most of which have disappeared today. The oldest bike is a very rare Moto Rêve 275 from 1907; the most precious is undoubtedly the Benelli GP 4 250 Competizione from 1942: the only existing model in the world designed by the Pesaro-based motorcycle manufacturer. And, to stay in the Marche region, we can also mention the Benelli GP 175 used in 1934 by the world champion driver Dorino Serafini.

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Viale Goffredo Mameli, 22, 61100 Pesaro PU, Italy


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