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Motor Museum Europe

our team is constantly working on optimizing the overview of motorcycle museum locations in Europe. We also look at unique, beautiful and epic car museums that we will include in this same overview.
For various reasons it can happen that a museum is closed temporarily or even permanently, we also keep track of this and include it in the description of the location.

We have visited most of the museums ourselves, where the photos are of good quality, we have included them in the description, otherwise the photos of the museum itself have been used. We try to provide the motorcycle museums with an introductory story as independently as possible and if possible this comes from the website of the museum, or from the owner.
In the opinion of the team, we have put the museums in a classification, new hot and featured.

If you know a museum that we can include in the overview, a museum that is not there yet, choose the form to pass on the data to the team. We are very grateful to you for that.

It is possible to comment on each museum. This comment will be reviewed by us before it is published on the website. This is to prevent unauthorized messages from polluting the website.

Furthermore, we do not keep any personal data related to your visits to the website. When you send us your email address with the submitted form, this will only be used for any questions we have to keep our dates of the museums complete. After this, this email address will be removed to comply with the GDPR legislation.

The cookies that our website keeps is to improve your personal experience on the website, preference settings are saved in this way. The data does not go to other parties.
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