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The Hagestein Motor Museum currently has a collection of 224 motorcycles. The oldest motorcycle is a Daimler, which dates from the year 1885. The founder of the museum is Teus Burggraaff from Hagestein. He started collecting classic motorcycles in the early eighties of the last century. Initially, the idea of ​​a museum was not at all relevant. The collection has gradually expanded into a range of motorcycles, almost all of which deserve the designation special or rare. The bikes were collected from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. There is a diversity of brands and models. For Teus Burggraaff, the uniqueness or specificity of a motorcycle is an important weighing point for the collection. In order to give an idea of ​​how this point was handled, reference is made to a CZ motorcycle, built in 1939, present in the museum. CZ designed two gold-leafed motorcycles in that year in connection with the Pope's visit to Czechoslovakia by Pope Pius XII. The motorcycles intended for the Pope's ordinances have been blessed in the Vatican. One of the two motorcycles is located in the Jawa Museum in Prague. The other in the Motor Museum Hagestein. The motorcycles have all been restored and are technically flawless and ready to ride.

Motormuseum Hagestein, Nijensteinseweg 1a, 4124 AT Hagestein, the Netherlands



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