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Tony "Indian" Leenes's passion for Indian Motorcycles and his feeling for creation have lead unavoidably to a large collection of all that has to do with Indian motorcycles and culture.
Tony opened his Indian Motorcycle Museum officially in 1991. His place which includes the house of Tony and Hennie, the shop, his "atelier" and workshop, the museum, the campsite and the partyroom, starts with a gigantic totem with a height of 9 meters. This totem was once the centerpiece of a Frisian procession (no, not a carnival!).

The more than 40 Indian motorcycles and the countless accessories, which are without exception directly related to Indian motorcycles and the Indian culture, date back to the beginning of the last century and even before that. There is so much to see; from Indian sewing machine to chainsaws, from poster to chopper, the whole space breathes Indian.

This Indian Motorcycle Museum is the only one of its kind. It is actually the only "real" Indian Motorcycle Museum in the world. Nice detail is that really everything is taken care of to the very last detail and looks perfect. The authenticity of each Indian is kept. An original Indian is standing next to the beautiful creations of Tony himself.

The workplace, or better said the atelier is next to the museum. Taking a look into the master's kitchen is definitely worth it.

The museum and workplace are visited by people from all over the world. Customers and beginning motorcyclers always find something to their liking and are explained the colorful history of each detail by Tony, including lively anecdotes from the world called "Indian".


Indian Place 1, Kadijk 23 (Industrieterrein Lemsterhoek), 8531 XH Lemmer, Netherlands




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