Museo de Motos Juan Antonio García

Museo De Historia De La Automoción De Salamanca Museo De Historia De La Automoción De Salamanca

Juan Antonio García, a musician and artistic agent by profession, is a great fan of the motor world and especially of motorcycles, to the point of becoming a true expert in restoring old motorcycles. Many people call them "old gadgets", but for connoisseurs they are "true jewels of the engine".

Restoring old motorcycles involves a myriad of problems and drawbacks that must be resolved until you get the prize of owning a new "jewel of the engine". Search for pieces, paintings, bibliography, etc ..., a long list of tasks that requires a lot of time and dedication. Over almost 50 years, Juan Antonio has managed to carry out numerous restorations, all of them of great quality, currently owning a huge fleet of motorcycles that have been protagonists in one way or another in our history.

Thus, Juan Antonio opened his own "Motorcycle Museum" in La Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo, the land where he was born and grew up. In the same place where the old "Cine María Cristina" used to be erected. A museum that has a collection of enormous quality and prestige, with more than 130 restored motorcycles, all owners of unique stories and that have been the bearers of great moments.

We hope you know how to enjoy the "works of art" on display and value them accordingly. Surely many will remember unforgettable moments and adventures. We hope that your visit brings good feelings and stories to tell your family and friends.

Calle Señor Cura, 7, 45516 La Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo, Spain


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