Museo Gottard Park

Museo Gottard Park Museo Gottard Park

The museum is the result of the passionate research of Alfio Gottardo, a great scholar of mechanics and technology. The collection of the exhibits is the result of this activity of him. Hundreds of vehicles, equipment, machines from all eras and from all countries of the world are exhibited in the museum. Its structure, partly outdoors and partly indoors, guarantees a visit that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Cars and motorcycles, exhibited indoors, represent one of the strong points of the collection.

Visiting the Gottardo Park Museum is like accessing a huge encyclopedia of technology and mechanics capable of thrilling adults and children. A unique opportunity to learn and understand many things live that are only described in books. An opportunity to spend a day dedicated to culture and education. Airplanes and helicopters, weapons, trucks and lorries, cars, locomotives, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, boats, various vehicles. The special features include the sectioned engine of a Sherman tank, a railway tractor, double-cab snow plow, a deminer and a 1900 petrol station.

Intelligence and imagination are rampant, and once the first farmhouse was completed, he moved to acquire a second property where nowadays Gottard Park is. Like already done in his previous housing Alfio works to personalise this new project.

He starts to go around Italy in order to collect new and old memorabilia like: '70s scooters,'20s wicker sidecar, up to the largest biplane in the world.
All the above contributes create the current park, which will have the official opening in 2004.

The Collection of Alfio Gottardo
Today Oscar, Alfio's nephew, is proud to manage and carry this historical mechanics corner, in an harmonious combination of nature and art of technology.

Gottard Park was created in just (if we can say so) twenty years of gathering. For many a lightning-fast timing!

Three exhibition halls which houses means of transportation that have made the history of quantum mechanics, with a special mention for our motorcycles and sidecars collection.
Outside you can walk around open-air through: historic agricultural tractors, military vehicles, locomotive and airplanes. It is also possible to book a guided tour.

Via Sempione 172, 28053 Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO), Italy


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