Pizzaria e Collezione “Il Selvatico”

Pizzaria e Collezione “Il Selvatico” Pizzaria e Collezione “Il Selvatico”

Combining business with pleasure is a very rare thing. A great opportunity to do this is, for those who love historic vehicles, to stop for a dinner near Caniparola di Fosdinovo, in the province of Massa. The collection created by the collector Alberto Stagnari in what was a well-known dance floor in the area in the 1960s is worth a visit. Over 180 motorcycles and scooters are housed in the premises connected to the restaurant. In the museum there are motorcycles from the 1920s to the 1970s of only Italian brands. Many of these are from Moto Guzzi.

A "gem" is the engine designed by Innocente Stagnari and built by Fausto Garau of Castelnuovo Magra: a 130 cm3 two-stroke boxer engine made from two "guzzini", running with a single distributor. Many of the motorcycles exhibited in the museum are ASI approved.

The collection of the first room includes some sidecars and vehicles such as the 150 cm3 Gilera three-wheeler and the one based on MV. The visit continues in the intermediate room, where numerous specimens of micromotors also applied to bicycle frames are collected.


Via Fravizzola, 54035 Fosdinovo MS, Italy



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