Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- & Radiomuseum

Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- & Radiomuseum Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- & Radiomuseum

The largest museumcollections of old motorcycles in Northern Europe with a variation and amount that surprises most people. There are about 150 motorcycles from the entire world covering af period from 1897-1985.

The Radiomuseum became a part of the house in 1982 and shows the development for televisions, radios and record players from 1900 and up till today.

Originally, the collections of motorcycles and radios were started by 2 privat persons. Both museums often receive new objects for their collections.

There’s plenty of nostalgia and CC to be enjoyed at Northern Europe’s biggest collection of veteran motorcycles. The exhibition starts with the first primitive machines at the close of the 1800’s, and works its way through the 1900’s with its World Wars and the Rock icons of the 60’s up to the breakthrough of the Japanese bikes in the 80’s. We have more than 200 motorcycles in the collection – 11 of which are machines built in Denmark. So come and see an exciting exhibition for children and grown-ups of all ages.

Our radio section also offers exciting insights into radio development during the 20th century – for example, we have a specimen of the world’s first loudspeaker, the Magnavox.


Nykøbingvej 54, 4850 Stubbekøbing, Denmark


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