Museo de la Moto de Barcelona

Museo de la Moto de Barcelona Museo de la Moto de Barcelona

This small museu is probebly closed. Collection moved to Museu de la Moto de Bassella.

The Motorcycle Museum Private Foundation Mario Soler is a non-profit entity that works in order to promote the motorcycle values, its responsible and sustainable use and disseminate its past, present and future from multiple perspectives (social, economic, industrial, sport, leisure, urban, etc.)

It was created in 2010 by the Soler Family that gives continuity to the task performed by Mario Soler (1907-1991), a devoted motorbike and mechanics fan, who for many years, in his small workshop in Bassella (Lleida), with his hands and talent, recovered a great number of motorcycles. Thanks to this effort, he became a reputable restorer and one of the first collectors in Spain.

This institution currently manages a collection of over 300 motorbikes and a specialized museum: Bassella Motorcycle Museum (opened in 2002). Additionally, it perfoms temporary exhibitions and motor events all around the country.

This museum works together with Museu de la Moto de Bassella 


Carrer Palla, 10, 08002 Barcelona, Spain



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