Osterreichische Motorradmuseum

Osterreichische Motorradmuseum Osterreichische Motorradmuseum

The museum is temporarily closed

Established in 1980, the museum houses some 250 machines in its permanent exhibition and hosts a variety of special exhibitions and vintage motorcycle-related events.

There are four halls which display motorcycles, one of which is devoted to "antenjaucker" - duck scarers - the lightweights and mopeds of the 1970s. Another displays Austrian marques like the well-known Puch, HMW and KTM along with rarer breeds such as Delta-Gnom, Bostik and LAG.

"We show popular, exclusive and technically exceptional specimens of the most famous motorcycles in the world. International models from AJS and ABC through Brough Superior or Henderson, Norton, Rudge and Scott to Velocette and Zündapp."

30 years of tradition and over 100 years of motorcycle history found a new home in 2009 - in Sigmundsherberg in northern Lower Austria, in the immediate vicinity of the train station.

Prof. Friedrich Ehn opens a new chapter in the museum, in which the time when the motorcycle had a decisive influence on private transport comes to life again.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, with around 250 vehicles, there are ongoing exhibitions, special shows and events

Kleinmeiseldorferstrasse 8, A-3751 Sigmundsherberg, Austria


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