Motala Motor Museum

Motala Motor Museum Motala Motor Museum

One of the largest Rolls-Royce collections in the country. Also a number of Supercars like a Koenigseg

But Motala car museum has more than motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles. It has a Photo Museum showing the development of the camera. A large collection of radios, tape recorders and turntables. Many of the manufactured at the local Luxor plant.

For the first time outside Stockholm we display, among other objects, an armoured Lincoln that were bought to Sweden from USA to drive Nikita Chrusjtjov on an official state visit in Sweden 1964. Only Chrusjtjov had the honour to be driven in the car as the car broke down shortly after his state visit. We also display a Cadillac from 1966 that drove several chiefs of states as Indira Gandhi. The cars belongs to the Swedish Police museum in Stockholm. The exhibition runs until the 30:th of September.

There are more objects to see at Motala Motormuseum than just motorbikes, cars and other veichles. A photographic museum that display the development of the camera. There is a big collection of radio recivers, tape recorders and record players. Several of them are made at the Luxor factory in Motala.

Platensgatan 2, 591 35 Motala, Sweden



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