Motorrad-Veteranen und Technik-Museum

A real phenomenon mobile, numerous air-cooled phenomenon and robot motors, an engine test bench as well as stationary motors and much more. m. can be seen here.

Visit the motorcycle and technology museum in Großschönau and get to know the beautiful Upper Lusatia with the Zittau Mountains and the charming surroundings in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. There is much more to discover and ride here than just great motorcycle routes. The beautiful Art Nouveau painting was restored in the entrance area. When you enter the large exhibition hall on the ground floor, you are immediately surprised by the locksmith's workshop from around 1900 to 1920. The historic lathes, drilling and planing machines are powered and work via transmissions. Blacksmiths and wood workshops from the same period follow. Historic shop fronts with shop windows line the opposite side. A locomobile, the steam engine installation from 1902 with steam boiler, feed water pump, generator and switchgear can be viewed next. All of this was implemented by the old museum and is being demonstrated in motion.

Hauptstraße 85 - 02779 Großschönau, Germany


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