Motorradsammlung Willi Schmid Kollnburg

Motorradsammlung Willi Schmid Kollnburg Motorradsammlung Willi Schmid Kollnburg

Willi Schmid (+) collected in over 30 years more than 150 mopets and motorcycles. Find in this collection Adler, BMW, DKW, Horex, Viktoria and Ardie bikes.

Willi Schmid (+), a trained carpenter, has built a roadworthy motorcycle from wood and has been collecting motorcycles for over 30 years. The collection was created when Willi Schmid quit smoking, saved and started looking for a new addiction.

It's not just motorcycle fans' hearts that beat faster when they enter the collection. Whole afternoons could be spent in wonder in the workshop and “gallery” of the deceased collector. There is hardly any free space there: what could not be found on the floor or on the walls was simply hung under the ceiling.

The passionate collector Willi Schmid (+) has collected more than 150 mopeds and motorcycles in more than 30 years. His passion for collecting started with an NSU OSL built in 1933, now you will find all kinds of two wheeler models in the collection such as Adler, BMW, DKW, Horex, Viktoria, Ardie and many more. Furthermore, you can admire almost all Zündapp types built in Munich, as well as a beautiful, well-preserved Goggo Coupe and a Lloyd Alexander. The carpenter even built a roadworthy wooden motorcycle with a sidecar.

Old tools of the trade
In addition to the collection of historic mopeds and motorcycles, everything that has to do with the theme "crafts of yesteryear" is shown. Complete tool collections from a wide variety of professions recall the hard work and hard work of craftsmen from 80 to 100 years ago. In addition to the old tools of butchers, carpenters, shoemakers, wagons, coopers and blacksmiths, of stonemasons, carpenters and well builders, there are also tools from trades that are no longer in demand today. You hardly need the help of a bath or clog maker. The oldest tool that Willi Schmid has brought together in his collection from the area is a wood wire tool that is about 100 years old. There is a chip lathe in the garden of the property. You can only be amazed at how much effort our ancestors went to to bring light into their room.


Sedlhofer Str 20, 94262 Kollnburg, Germany


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