Muzeum Veteránu Pavlíkov

Muzeum Veteránu Pavlíkov Muzeum Veteránu Pavlíkov

In the Fulfilled Dream museum you can admire domestic historical motorcycles of famous brands Laurin & Klement, Orion, Premier, JAWA, ČZ, Ogar, Walter, Praga or BSJ, German, Belgian, English or Swedish machines, several exhibits are also represented by America.

Among the foreign gems are exhibited such unique pieces as the four-cylinder Indian, Ner- a-Car, two Excelsiory from 1913 and 1918, the classy Brough Superior or the Indian Royal Enfield DIESEL. The curiosity of the collection is an authentic ČZ 150 motorcycle, on which drilled bears rode in the popular film comedy Six Bears with an Onion. Among the historic motorcycles, the Rakovník mopeds of the Stadion brand and the latest sports specials ESO, JAWA and ČZ also have their place of honor.

New gems were also added at the exhibition of motorcycles and bicycles. Motor: Praga 500 2x OHC, J.F.Koch 250 r.1923, Premier 500 OHV SSL, Orion 1000 r.1925, Harley Davidson 1200 r.1927.

The atmosphere of old times is complemented by shields, signs, cans and other accessories from previous years, including an old workshop and tools. On the ground floor, it is possible to admire the visitor with things that were used both in the household for common needs and for farming and crafts. Even the fairer sex will not despise the place where the exhibition of period dolls, toys, games and prams from the period of the 19th and 21st centuries is concentrated.

Pavlíkov 87, 270 21 Pavlíkov, Czech Republic


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