Muzeum historických motocyklů Svratouch

Muzeum historických motocyklů Svratouch Muzeum historických motocyklů Svratouch

More than 50% of the total exhibition are foreign machines, this distinguishes the museum in Svratouch from most others in the Czech Republic. The visitor will appreciate the comparison of motorcycles from many countries. There are German, American, Danish, English, French motorcycles and also Czech "jewelry". All exhibits are functional. During the winter, we worked hard, built and prepared a surprise for visitors in the form of a new exhibition in the attic of the museum. Everything is done in detail and especially with love. We are happy with the work done, and therefore we would like to share it with you.

The museum is located in a building built after 1863, which originally served as an evangelical school, later as a presbytery - an evangelical prayer house. The building has been protected as a monument since 1958. In 2007 it was bought by the municipality of Svratouch. There was a gradual outdoor reconstruction and at the end of 2015, the local collector of historic motorcycles Pavel Šiller came up with the idea of ​​placing a museum of historic motorcycles in this beautiful and historically valuable building. Large alterations to the interior followed, and on July 9, 2016, the museum was inaugurated.

Svratouch 231, 539 42 Svratouch, Czech Republic


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