Museo Moto & Ciclomotori DEMM

Museo Moto & Ciclomotori DEMM Museo Moto & Ciclomotori DEMM

Inaugurated in March 2005, it uses the space made available by Graziano Trasmissioni, the company that took over the factories that belonged to DEMM.

The Museum owes its birth to Giuliano Mazzini who dedicated a whole life to DEMM: he entered as a mechanical designer, first became Production Director, Managing Director and finally Vice President. Starting in 1985, together with his son Mosè, he began a long and meticulous work of research, recovery, restoration and enhancement of documents, prototypes and models linked to the legendary production of motorcycles and mopeds. Before being able to admire the complete set-up it was necessary to wait five years, when following the continuous restoration work carried out, more than fifty pieces were added to the collection, including the multi-victorious racing motorcycles and utility vehicles, including tractors and machines. from work. In particular, among the racing vehicles, the collection boasts the motorcycles that obtained numerous victories in the national championships of hill climbing, speed on the circuit and the famous “Torpedo” which set 24 world records. What is currently exhibited is testimony to the prestigious work done by DEMM.

The visit is facilitated by the exhaustive technical sheet which accompanies all the motorcycles and mopeds, divided into two halls and arranged chronologically. In this way it is possible to meet the Dick-Dick, the first DEMM moped built in 1956, as well as the first 125cc two-stroke motorcycle produced by the company and colored with the same colors that distinguished the production of machine tools.
Continuing the visit to the Museum it is possible to admire a curious moped: the "Mini DEMM", with an unprecedented technical solution of the motor installed on the rear wheel hub.
One room is dedicated to the "modern history" of DEMM, where in addition to the drafting machine used by Giuliano Mazzini to carry out his projects, the fruits of his work are neatly arranged, such as the horizontal cylinder engine, which equipped the Smily, Ping- Pong, Brio and Quick 2.

In addition to the production of motorcycles and mopeds, the museum boasts a complete collection of precision and measurement instruments, made by DEMM in the first half of the 1940s, and some valuable collectibles among which a unique example of "Motrice Pia" made by Ing. Enrico Bernardi in 1884: the first example of an internal combustion engine in the world.

DEMM was an Italian engineering and motorcycle company active from 1919 to 1988. Founded in Milan as OPRAM, it was transformed into OMD in 1926 to become DEMM in 1928. Currently it has abandoned the motorcycle activities to concentrate on the production of gears and transmission systems for the agricultural and industrial vehicle sector.

Via Lungoreno, 47, 40046 Porretta Terme BO, Italia
Via Mazzini, 230/A - Porretta Terme


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