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Moto Guzzi Museum Moto Guzzi Museum

From the simple single cylinder motorbike, to twins, triples, fours and even a V8! A scooter, and army vehicle, aeroplane engine.... finally with the V twin they seemed to settle down.

No introduction is needed for the factory museum of Moto Guzzi. The collection includes a number of important Moto Guzzi road and motorsport machines, as well as examples of rare motorcycles such as the Moto Guzzi V8. Part of the museum is dedicated to the historic Guzzi racer Bill Lomas. This is an old school museum, which is fitting for a heritage marque. If you love Moto Guzzis, it's like a trip to a religious site. There are indeed a truly remarkable number of bikes there, some of them very interesting.
The museum is only open in the afternoons.

Via Emanuele Vittorio Parodi, 63/67, 23826 Mandello del Lario LC, Italy



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