Museum Monet Goyon

Museum Monet Goyon Museum Monet Goyon

For 45 years the Gagnaire family has assembled and restored a fabulous collection of vintage motorcycles from the Monet & Goyon brand.

Henri and Michel (the father and the son), are passionate about this brand, are equipped to restore the machines to their original appearance, and allow visitors to benefit from their mechanical experience.
They have also assembled an important technical documentation made available to Monet & Goyon enthusiasts who, in turn, want to restore a machine.
In addition, they were interested in the history of the company throughout its production period. It will be told to you during the fascinating guided tour.
You will find the atmosphere of this past time, through a chronological journey.
You will discover there the extraordinary machines of the beginnings of which some very rare, even unique, are unparalleled among other manufacturers.
Then you will see the range of the 20s which allowed the growth of the company.
You will continue with the beautiful machines of the 1930s, as well as the economic models that allowed as many people as possible to travel and thus take advantage of paid vacation.

Place de la Poste, 79500 Melle, France


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