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Musée de la Moto d'Entrevaux Musée de la Moto d'Entrevaux

The museum is temporarily closed

In a place where you would never expect something like this ... For the oldtimer enthusiast a must if you are in the area. Free entrance (free donation). Stacking up to the ceiling can be taken literally here.

In the heart of the fortified village of Entrevaux, in the Alpes de Haute Provence, is one of the most original Old Motorcycle Museum, that of Michel and Franck LUCANI.

Original by the place: walking through the maze of narrow streets leading to the museum, one expects to see knights in armor appear at every moment as the historical past of the medieval city is so rich.
Original by the importance and the quality of the collection of motorcycles that you will discover. The tour takes place over two floors, there are motorcycles everywhere from floor to ceiling, the lightest being on rails two meters above the ground. There are also many posters and objects related to the old motorcycle.
Original finally by the personality of the Masters of the place, Michel and Franck Lucani, the father and the son.

Their passion for old motorcycles, they know how to warmly share it with all visitors, experts or novices. In the small world of enthusiasts, everyone agrees that there is a "before" and an "after" Entrevaux. When you leave the museum, you keep memories of great richness, and for a long time! That's my case.

Open only by appointment 
04320 Entrevaux, France


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