Wil Hartog Museum

Wil Hartog Museum Wil Hartog Museum

Since 1998, a number of Wil Hartog enthusiasts from the very beginning have collected and exhibited a large number of items.

This exhibition on the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of Wil Hartog, also known as the white giant) initially took place in the grass drying plant in Lambertschaag. The museum about Wil Hartog was born and was continued in Hoogwoud in 2003. When this place was no longer available in 2008, it was decided to set up the museum right next to Wil Hartog's grass dryer. With hard work and a lot of enthusiasm, five contiguous spaces have been set up as a museum for Wil Hartog and his grass dryer.

The museum contains many showpieces. This could include a large number of old magazines and newspaper articles. In addition, numerous trophies, the white motorcycle suit and other items from the heyday of Wil Hartog's racing career. The absolute showpiece is the Suzuki RG 500 motorcycle with which Wil Hartog won the TT van Assen in 1977 and with which he still regularly drives around on various circuits. The Suzuki T20 was also exhibited, which started the career of Wil Hartog. You can currently visit the museum by appointment.

Open only by appointment
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Mijnsherenweg 7, 1658 CA Lambertschaag, Netherlands


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