Museum Vanalleswa

Museum Vanalleswa Museum Vanalleswa

50cc crosbikes and small sport sportbikes

The first historic moped and 50cc dirt bike museum in the Netherlands. 3 Our museum contains: About 50 Sport Mopeds, about 50, 50cc dirt bikes, from the 60s-70s and some heavier dirt bikes, Various petrol pumps, many different oil bottles and oil cans. Lots of enamel advertising signs, and advertising light boxes, various openwork engine blocks (school examples). Furthermore, various motocross jerseys, motocross helmets, motocross boots, actually too many to mention !!!
All this from the 50s, 60s, 70s. Hence our name; moped & 50cc dirt or cross bike, museum of everything in Gemert. If you are organizing a ride, or in groups, or riding alone, you can always visit this museum.
A total of 160 historical bikes are found in this museum.

Open on Saturday from 11.00 till 17.00 and by appointment 


Scheiweg 8, 5421 XL Gemert


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