Collezione Benito Battilani

Collezione Benito Battilani Collezione Benito Battilani

The visitor is accompanied on the collecting adventure by Benito Battilani, a forerunner in Italy of vintage motorcycle collecting together with a few friends like Nello Salsapariglia.

From motorcycle magazines to examples of the rarest, most beautiful and technologically interesting motorcycles: the collection traces the evolution of the two-wheeled engine, from the "advanced bicycle" to the first motorcycle driven by Loris Capirossi.

It is an opportunity to discover the history of the characters who drove these legendary motorcycles, from Vittorina Sambri, the first woman to participate in a motorcycle competition, to Umberto Faraglia. The Harley Davidson was driven by this pilot in the 1920s and set the record of 175 km / h per hour in the kilometer launched on the Rome-Ostia. Various 4 cylinders are exhibited, from the 1905 FN to others from the 1920s and 1940s. Numerous Italian-made motorcycles such as those of the Frera brand, the most important until the early 1930s, before the success of Moto Guzzi and Gilera; among these, the 1921 Frera S 8/10 Hp 1140 cm3. Other lesser known motorcycles are also present in the guided tour, such as the Pennazio, the Ollearo, the GC (Giovanni Corengia), the Condor with sidecar from 1924. There is no shortage of unique models like the Gardini of Forlì, the Junior and the Garelli Turismo 350 cm3 from 1926 (one of the fastest bikes of all the 1920s) and the rare Indian Mod. "O" from 1917.

Via Poiano, 1/B, 40026 Imola (BO), Italy



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