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Ådalsbruk Motor Museum Monsbakken Ådalsbruk Motor Museum Monsbakken

The new private museum at Ådalsbruk is unique and contains not only motor history objects, but all sorts of rarities such as old radios, prams, model cars, sewing machines and separators. In addition, we find, among other things, a wood-fired water heater, a model railway and a fully furnished old-fashioned country store.

BP station Ådalsbruk - The petrol station from 1949 at Ådalsbruk has been restored, as it was in the 60s.

Two years ago, Monsbakken bought the disused BP petrol station from 1949 with associated workshop at Ådalsbruk.

The petrol station has been restored and appears as a BP station from the 60s.

Bjørn Monsbakken (66) from Romedal loves old cars and motorcycles. For more than thirty years he has been collecting and refurbishing old vehicles. The collection consists of more than forty special cars of various brands from the 1930s onwards. In addition, he also has over eighty motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. - Before they were scattered around barns and various warehouses, but now I have finally got everything in one place and it is much better to have the opportunity to show them off, he says . In order to realize his dream of his own motor museum, he had to sell both a house and a cabin. - That's right, to get this in place I had to do it, he says.

Adalsbrukvegen 352, 2345 Ådalsbruk, Noorwegen




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