Balade musée Marcel Thiry

Balade musée Marcel Thiry Balade musée Marcel Thiry

Collection Thiry – La Motocyclette d’autrefois

A private collection and open only by appointment, this small museum.

His machines are displayed at two other locations - at the Jaguar Garage in Habay-la-Neuve, and at Autoworld. Marcel Thiry is a retired mechanic in his eighties with a collection of many finely restored vintage and veteran motorcycles. The collection at Autoworld is displayed in a period setting, a replica workshop. Displayed are excellent restored examples of Gillet 350 model 21, Harley-Davidson 1918 combination, Rudge Multi, Ready 1924 and many others. Of particular interest is the MT - MT for Marcel Thiry - a one-off built in 1947 using a DKW engine from a Wehrmacht machine and components salvaged from a downed allied bomber.

Open only by appointment 
Rue de Neufchâteau 4, 6720 Habay, Belgium

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