Muzeum historických Bečov nad Teplou

The Museum of Historical Motorcycles in Bečov nad Teplou offers a demonstration of more than 50 pieces of historical motorcycles, as well as historic bicycles and motorcycle engines. The exhibition features such unique machines as the first DKW motorcycle produced, the PUCH 500 with a four-piston two-cylinder engine, the Schűttoff 500 OHV and other exceptional motorcycles. An exhibition of wooden toys and family puppet theaters and puppets is installed on the first floor of the museum.


Muzeum historických Železná Ruda

Part of the 3 museums

The exhibition in Železná Ruda contains a collection of historic motorcycles and bicycles, as well as several historic cars. The visitor can find world uniques here, which have often been preserved in a single piece or only in a few copies. You can see here, for example, the unique Gőrner Klatovy motorcycle from 1921, the Tyler belt from 1919, the first Škoda car produced on wooden bow wheels and many others. The exhibition is supplemented and expanded every year. In the right wing of the chateau there is an exposition about the history of skiing in Šumava and in the northern wing there is an exhibition Czech Crater.