Museo della Lambretta

Museo della Lambretta Museo della Lambretta

After the first Lambretta in 1980, Vittorio Tessera started this historical museum which, after various extensions, collects 118 models of scooters and Lambrettas from all over the world.

The first Lambretta 125 B in 1978 and then the first 125A with sidecar paid for the beauty of 500,000 lire at the end of 1978 (a true madness lovingly supported by father Gianni and mother Laura). The activity of the newborn Club, the only one of its kind in Italy, begins to bear fruit, reaching 32 members! At the same time, like a dream come true, at the age of 19 he opens his scooter and Lambretta restoration workshop; it is the first in Italy and will remain so for many years.

It is currently part of the "Milano Città del Progetto" Enterprise Museums Circuit of the Province of Milan, which is joined by museums of national importance such as Alfa Romeo, Kartell and Zucchi.

In its final form, the museum is divided into sectors: the first groups the vehicles produced up to the Second World War, the second the scooters built from 1945 to 1972, the third the Innocenti production and the fourth the most representative Vespa models. A total of 117 vehicles are exhibited, some preserved

Via Kennedy, 38, 20090 Rodano MI, Italia



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